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  • Textile Help

    Block modifier syntax:

    CSS attributes can be applied to blocks (paragraphs, headers, etc.). CSS classes are specifed with "(class)"; CSS IDs are specified with "(#id)"; both can be specified with "(class#id)". An arbtirary CSS style can be applied by using "{style}". Finally, language attributes are applied using "[language]".

    Additionally, alignment and indentation shorthands are provided. To left-align, right-align, center, and justify text, use "<", ">", "=", and "<>", respectively. "(" left-indents a block 1em for each occurrence, and ")" right-indents similarly.

    Tables have additional options. "^", "-", and "~" specify top, middle, and bottom vertical alignment. The "_" attribute on a cell indicates that it is a table header.

    The examples below illustrate these attributes.

    textile input output


    hx. (where x is 1 - 6)
    h1. Heading


    h2(class). Heading with class

    Heading with class


    p=. Centered text

    Centered text

    p())(#id). Indented text with ID

    Indented text with ID

    Block quotes

    bq(class#id). Quote with class and ID
    Quote with class and ID
    bq[en]. English quote
    English quote

    Ordered lists

    {color: blue}# Attributes specified
    # before the first item
    # affect the whole list
    1. Attributes specified
    2. before the first item
    3. affect the whole list

    Unordered lists

    * Lists can have
    ## subitems or
    ## sublists
    * too
    • Lists can have
      1. subitems or
      2. sublists
    • too


    fnx. (where x is 1 - 100)
    fn17. Footnote

    17 Footnote


    |_. A|_. B|_. C|
    (dark). |very|simple|table|
    |<. left|=. center|>. right|
    |^{height:3em}. top|-. middle|~. bottom|
    A B C
    very simple table
    left center right
    top middle bottom

    Phrase modifier syntax:

    The class, ID, style, and language attributes described above also apply to the span phrase modifier as shown below.

    textile input output
    _emphasis_ emphasis
    __italic__ italic
    *strong* strong
    **bold** bold
    ??citation?? citation
    -delete text- deleted text
    +inserted text+ inserted text
    ^superscript^ superscript
    ~subscript~ subscript
    @code@ code
    %(class)span% span
    %{color:red;}span% span
    ==no textile== no textile
    "link text":url link text
    "link text(title)":url link text
    !imageurl(alt text)! alt text
    ABC(Always Be Closing) ABC
    Footnote reference[17] Footnote reference17
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